Breathe Again

It feels like I’ve been
Holding my breath
For days and days
Waiting for results
Over which I had
Absolutely no control-
Control-I’m beginning
To think that word
Should be erased-
Is there any such thing anyway?
In an attempt, my brain
Played out both scenarios-
Good news and
Bad news-trying to
Foresee my reactions
Would I be brave?
Would I cry?
Would I crumble
Into a million tiny
Pieces on the floor?
Today was the day
The news was good
No sign of cancer!
My response?
A deep breath
Followed by tears-
Tears of relief and joy-
I can breathe again

Today, I am thankful for positive results. But I am also mindful of the many whose news was not positive. Many have fought the battle against cancer-friends and family. It seems to strike with little rhyme or reason. And whether their physical battle was won or lost, their bravery is lasting. I cannot celebrate today without also remembering…💗

9 thoughts on “Breathe Again

  1. Grand News … tears of joy are very appropriate…

    Liquid Joy

    Tears of liquid joy.
    Like rivers of fear.
    The memories so clear.
    And a toast to cheer.
    Tears of liquid joy.
    Like waves from the heart.
    Two great oceans apart.
    And wishing for another restart.
    Tears of liquid joy.
    Like dredged canals of the soul.
    Leaking from the broken porthole.
    And wishing for a free parole.
    Tears of liquid joy.
    Like a flowing molten lava.
    Passing a secret convoy.
    And singing like the last choirboy.
    Crying liquid joy.

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