Spilling Out

Constantly bombarded
By outside sources
A cunning attempt
To create doubt
Are you happy with your appearance?
Wouldn’t you like to be thinner?
Don’t you want to look younger?

If those wrinkles
Around my eyes
And in the corners
Of my mouth
Are tracing the years
Of laughter and tears
Why would I erase them?
If my body is
Telling the story
Of birthing three children
Loving the same man
For more than thirty years
And knowing the grief of loss
Why would I not let it speak?
I am a journey
Of experiences
And emotions
Spilling out
Along the road
For others to see
No apologies
Only grace
And shared

6 thoughts on “Spilling Out

  1. Lovely, Kelley. Acknowledging that ego voice inside – the one that society has implanted – and then accepting the true reality of who we are, where we are, and the condition of our bodies, is freedom…to be. I really appreciate how you moved from that voice to grace.

    “…no apologies
    only grace
    and shared.”

    Truly the gift of life…for each of us. I really enjoyed reading this and reflecting on the old tired voice that used to drive me. Thank you. 💜

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