Spilling Out

Constantly bombarded
By outside sources
A cunning attempt
To create doubt
Are you happy with your appearance?
Wouldn’t you like to be thinner?
Don’t you want to look younger?

If those wrinkles
Around my eyes
And in the corners
Of my mouth
Are tracing the years
Of laughter and tears
Why would I erase them?
If my body is
Telling the story
Of birthing three children
Loving the same man
For more than thirty years
And knowing the grief of loss
Why would I not let it speak?
I am a journey
Of experiences
And emotions
Spilling out
Along the road
For others to see
No apologies
Only grace
And shared

Simply Sunday

Being Me

As quickly as
The sun’s warmth
On the back
Of my hand
With the shadow
Of a passing cloud
So changes my mood-
Sunlight smile
Grateful for
A new day
Knitted brow
Recent loss
Cheery gasp
At the sight of
Deer hopping
Across a field
In the rain
Into the shelter
Of welcoming trees-
Resisting the labeling
Of these sudden shifts
As good or bad
Accepting them
Simply as what is
On this journey
Of learning
To become me

Only One

I only get
This one body
Yet, fragile
An outer shell
The heart beating
Inside my chest
Brain thinking
Inside my head
Eyes seeing
Outside my world
Bones, muscles, tendons
All connected
Carrying me
One step
One thought
One view
At a time-
This one body
That from time
To time feels
Pain, frustration
From time to time
Amazing happenings-
Carried three
Tiny beings
Until they were
Ready to meet
The world
Wrapped arms
Around them
Wiped away
Their tears
Held on to
Their hands-
Learning to love
This one body
Both its strengths
And weaknesses
This one temporary body
That houses my soul