Simply Sunday

Being Me

As quickly as
The sun’s warmth
On the back
Of my hand
With the shadow
Of a passing cloud
So changes my mood-
Sunlight smile
Grateful for
A new day
Knitted brow
Recent loss
Cheery gasp
At the sight of
Deer hopping
Across a field
In the rain
Into the shelter
Of welcoming trees-
Resisting the labeling
Of these sudden shifts
As good or bad
Accepting them
Simply as what is
On this journey
Of learning
To become me

5 thoughts on “Simply Sunday

  1. I scrolled and scrolled to find you. I couldn’t start my day without Simply Sunday because I can today. Like always, your words touch my soul. Every day I pray for you and your family. I’m thinking of your position at school and your upcoming birth of a baby. God bless and keel you, Kelley. You’re such a beautiful soul in and out! This line stood out to me:
    “Resisting the labeling
    Of these sudden shifts
    As good or bad
    Accepting them
    Simply as what is…
    Thank you for sharing your journey. You are loved. 💛💐🙏🏻

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      1. Thank you, sweet friend. I’m trying to write and hopefully publish one soon. It’s my goal to have a normal schedule of reading and writing. It’s been so difficult. I’m working hard on taking “every thought captive!” My Dr contacted me yesterday~they scheduled my treatment for April 13th. By then, I should be good to go. Part of me dreads it, Kelley, as I know how sick I’ll be. But I can do it! My twin and my Mom are prepared to stay with me (my home is now ready for others to stay). Thank you for your support and friendship. Wasn’t that tornado in Little Rock just catastrophic? Fortunately, my friends are ok. Please take care and I prayed for you, your Mom, and family. 💛🙏🏻

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