Was I looking at the sky?
Or was it a painting?
Soft brushstrokes
Blues, grays, whites
Perfectly placed
Caused a glitch
In my perception-
Even as the radiance
Of the images
My curious smile
Did not want to accept
An answer to my questions-
Sometimes curiosity
For curiosity’s sake
Is more gratifying
Than actually discovering
A logical solution
Was I looking at the sky?
Or was it a painting?
What do you think?

Giddy is not a word I use often. But today, it is the word that chose me. I suppose it fits an about-to-be first-time Gigi. I’ve been doing a countdown. Thirteen days or less! Twelve days or less! Eleven days or less! You get the idea. Probably driving everyone crazy, including the expectant parents.

It’s a different kind of waiting, for obvious reasons, but also because it is brand new. Everything about it. A new life, a new relationship, a new role. And after hearing from the kids today, I could hardly contain my excitement, emotions, and all the above. Probably still a few days out.

While writing this poem yesterday, I thought about childhood and how we sometimes lose wonder and awe in adulthood. Here’s to grandbabies, Gigis, and the gift of curiosity. I am ready to reclaim it!

5 thoughts on “Curious

  1. What a beautiful poem and post, Kelley! It made me giddy for you, Gigi! I love this so much. Curiosity did curious’s sake! A new life at the right time. A beautiful birth, mixed with emotions of love lost~and heavenly cherished. Angels all around. Above, and soon, in your arms. I’m sending much love and prayers! Eek! It’s about to happen! My friend, I rented an RV for several days. My family thinks I’m crazy. I have a fractured sacrum, low blood counts,…BUT I NEED nature. It’s my one-year anniversary of being here. I’ll be back in my old home area and the gal I’m renting from will deliver and set it up. I hope the words find me as I seek peace in this noisy life. Much love my friend. 💛🙏🏻💛💕

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