Favorite Space

Nervous energy
It lives there
No matter
Your age
Or years of
No more time
For practicing
Smiles of
Back and forth
We are ready
And the audience
Is waiting to listen
Time on stage
Is brief
Barely enough
To find presence
In my favorite space
Lost in the music

My favorite part of being a musician is collaborating with other musicians. There is something magical about learning my part of the music and then hearing it come together with another.

Working as an accompanist used to take up much of my professional time. These days, not so much. Both time and opportunity often play a role, and that is ok. But an opportunity came along recently. And I am glad I said yes!

This past week, I had the privilege of accompanying a young cellist, eleven years old. He was to be a spotlight performer for the Tulsa Youth Symphony during their dinner fundraiser. He needed an accompanist, and a former colleague passed along my name.

We met once to rehearse. The level of preparedness, skill, and musicality was impressive. Easy to work with and kind. Eleven years old.

Waiting backstage, we both admitted to being a little nervous. But once in front of the audience, it was all about the music. Afterward, this truth was rekindled-Moments like these are my favorite. And they are to be treasured.

10 thoughts on “Favorite Space

  1. Such a wonderful experience Kelley. Reading this reminded me of a time long ago when a dear friend and I collaborated on creating a medley from several songs by The Carpenters. She played the flute and I accompanied her. Yes, pure magic and the audience loved it as well. There’s something about the gift of music that lifts us as well as those who listen. The vernacular of the soul…music.

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  2. Kelley, Bravo to you and the eleven year old (Like you, I emphasize ELEVEN! WOW!). What a blessing you are as an accompanist. And undoubtedly, you were blessed! Thank you for sharing and for this perfect poem that “accompanies” it. I used to get nervous as well before performing! We grew up singing and in college as well. And I played my flute in church.. We are still asked to sing at weddings and funerals. I think I’ll always be nervous! God bless you my friend!

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  3. Carrie Perez

    Kelley, absolutely lovely and meaningful to read this. Thank you for collaborating with Dylan and creating such a beautiful experience for us all. So thrilled to know you! 😊


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