Counting Moments

It seemed so silly. Embarrassing, almost. Crying in front of a perfect stranger. A customer, at that.

He asked about music: music that reminded me of Dad. The songs could have been a playlist from my dad’s eight-track player in his truck. If playlists had been such a thing back then.

He responded with words of understanding. His eyes reassuringly glistened. We talked about how he had played piano when he was younger. Now that he was retired, he might have more time to play.

I encouraged him to continue playing. Even mentioned taking lessons. He left with a registration form in hand.

A chance meeting? Or maybe, just maybe, a moment worth counting.

Fast forward a few weeks. And a now familiar face walked in the door.

Hi, Mike!

Oh, you remember me?

Of course! I told my family how I had cried in front of a perfect stranger at work!

We both smiled. There were no tears this time.

Decided I would like to sign up for those piano lessons. When can we start?

I no longer felt silly or embarrassed. Instead, I held a moment of awe in the middle of my heart, standing in the middle of a music store.

Planting Harmony

Driving down
A two-lane road
Rows and rows
Of sprouting crops
Wrap me in
A soothing hug-
So much has
Is still happening
Above and below
The Earth to ensure
Their survival…and mine
Within their embrace
I see logic planted
In harmonic lines
Mixed with music
My heart beats
In the spaces
Between each
Row of green
My soul sings
Sweet and free
Not wanting
This song to end

Near Perfect

Space Between
Seems vast
Both in distance
And significance
One nearby
Easily seen
But often
The other
Near perfect
For clear 
Which holds more sway?
That far-away star
Or your crooked smile-
Guess it depends
On who you ask


Secret O’ Life by James Taylor ~Kelley Morris, piano

Einstein said he could never understand it all.
Planets spinning through space; the smile upon your face.

One of our favorite pics. ❤️

Simply Sunday

According to the calendar, spring begins tomorrow. Well, the sun is shining this morning in my little corner of Oklahoma. But the temperature outside reads 27 degrees. Brrrr.

The daffodils in our front yard have made me smile all this past week. Each day it seemed another one had bloomed. So, this morning, I decided to walk outside and see how they were fairing in this cold snap.

They are a bit droopy. But I am hopeful that the bright sunshine will bring back their smiles. Here are a few previously shared recordings. Hoping they make you smile. 💛

Sunshine on My Shoulder by John Denver-Kelley Morris, piano

Daffodils by Kelley Morris

Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles-Kelley Morris, piano

A Gift of Music

The music store was one of my favorite places to visit as a little girl. I was so excited to browse the new piano sheet music and beg my mom for a new song. Are there any bad words? She would always ask if it was a pop song. No! I would reassure her.

I was recently gifted a stack of piano music. Thumbing through the pages took me right back to those childhood days. And each piece, familiar and unfamiliar, reminded me that music truly is a precious gift.

I recorded a couple of the songs. Enjoy! ❤️

Raindrops Keep Falling On My head

Lara’s Theme from Doctor Zhivago

Do You Remember?

Thinking in terms
Of my life story
At this moment
Feels a bit
What I know
And wish I knew
About my own
Naturally shifts
My perspective
So much more
They could have
Would have said
Given more time
Asked more questions-
Motivation to
Open the book
Begin writing
One word
One sentence
One memory
One song
At a time

Row Your Boat, arrangement The Piano Guys, Kelley Morris, piano
All Good, The Piano Guys, Kelley Morris, piano

New Year, New Adventure

Even when needed and sought, change can be challenging. Tears over making the right decision. A lot of emotions to process. And when it means leaving the classroom…a whole new layer is added. Colleagues become friends. Students wiggle their way into your heart.

I have cried a lot over the past few weeks. Just ask my patient husband. 😉 But last week, things fell into place. And although saying goodbyes is hard, I’m excited about new opportunities. I will be sharing more in the coming weeks.

For now, I want to say Thank you! and I love you! to my Union Public School and Ochoa Elementary families. I will miss you! ❤️

Simply Sunday

Friday evening dinner out with my sweetie. ❤️

Shared responsibilities
Sandwiched between
A lovely dinner and
A beautiful sunset
Peaceful, easy

Beautiful sunset Saturday evening drone photo captured by my husband, Gart Morris.
Peaceful Easy Feeling-Eagles Kelley Morris, piano

Hold Your Breath

Cool night air
Gently swaying
All that moves
Black night sky
Holding lights of
Varying brightness
A planet sits just
Above the horizon
Yet, millions of miles away
Encircled by its moons
I can see it
Thru the lens
Of a telescope-
Stand still
Hold your breath
It will soon be
Out of view

Cool Change-Little River Band
Kelley Morris, piano

For my blogger friend, Karla. 💛