Not Statistics

They return every day
Same building
Same rooms
Until some move away
And new ones come
Each one carrying
Their own story
Their history
Good and bad
Happy and sad
All blended
Creating empathy
And yes, conflict
But ultimately
Learning that lasts
For a lifetime
And successes
Not measurable
By any test
Not represented
By any numbers
They are not
The teachers
Or the students
They are people
Connecting hearts
Healing heartaches
Every day
In this place
We call school
Turn on the news. Read a newspaper-state, local, even national. There will most likely be a story about public education. And it will probably be negative.

This constant negativity can weigh heavy on those of us in the field. Until we see those light bulbs turn on. Witness the progress, even if it is baby steps. Listen to their stories, and they ours. And sometimes, see their hearts.

A young student had been saving his money to spend at the book fair. Always a fun event at school. He was so excited! And then he saw his friend crying because he did not have any money for the book fair.

This precious little boy took his friend with him to the book fair. He shared half of the money he had saved with his friend. They both left with new books and happy hearts, one from giving and one from receiving. ❤️

8 thoughts on “Not Statistics

  1. Beautiful poem…and the book fair story is a lovely ending to the post. It is heartbreaking to see how politicized education has become and I’m concerned that many more will leave the opportunity to open minds, mend hearts and provide children with the keys to unlock the doors to their very lives.

    I honor you and your colleagues throughout the country and the world who have chosen or rather followed their hearts into this important work. Society owes teachers gratitude, respect and and income commensurate with the importance of the work they do. ❤️

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  2. Kelley, your heart and raw honesty always tug at mine. I weed through all the negative to focus just on moments as you shared so beautifully. Your poem touched my heart ❤️. Kids,…I just love them and I honor you and the countless others who give of their hearts, mind, and energy daily. Today I’m presenting at my former Primary School. There are 85 parents attending the first “Lunch and Literacy” today and 92 tomorrow for this precious pre-K through 2nd grade building. When I walked in yesterday memories flooded my soul. You were on my mind because the Principal is a dear friend who, 21 years ago in that same building, was my music teacher when I began my Principal career. We talked of kindness and empathy. And what a team of friends we all are. It’s what matters most. You’re that person, Kelley! 💛💛♥️🤗 God bless you!!!!

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    1. Karla-your words are what my heart needed this morning. And your memories…❤️ We had an amazing community event last night. I’m exhausted but also filled. I know you understand the pull. Thank you!!! 💛🤗

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      1. I’m so glad I gave you the words you needed. Kelley, you were with me today! I know how exhausted you are and I’m feeling it today, lol! We had about 80 total parents today and are expecting around 100 tomorrow. My presentation went well (Thank you, God, for your never-ending presence) and I sold about 30 books (it was about my book, but was tickled as I considered this a bonus-self-publishing is costly!). I stopped by the old music room and thought of you. Sending prayers and hugs daily! 🤍💚🧡🤗🙏

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