The mountain comes into view,
As I drive across the river bridge.
A drive I’d love to take today.
To me, a majestic outline, though
Small in comparison to other mountains
Barely high enough to garner the name

Hiking to its peak as a child was
Like standing on top of the world
Peering out over tops of trees
Roads, cars, and houses below
Appearing as toys in a tiny
Land of make-believe

Was home really as small as it appeared?

Time for exploring always
Ended too quickly-never enough
Time to stand on the edge.
But laughter followed as we
Made our way down the steep trail
Into the green valley below

The world again at eye-level
My head forever in the clouds

Pinnacle Mountain State Park
Never too old to feel homesick. ❤

11 thoughts on “Homesick

  1. Beautiful 💚 I lived East of Little Rock for two years. I’d stay in my camper at Maumelle Park on the river and go hike Pinnacle. Two Bridges, and so many other places, were my places of peace. Anything along the Buffalo River also is my home away from home. You wrote so beautifully of your homesickness. ❣️

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