Rain fell all night long.
Very little ebb and flow
A steady downpour
Almost angry at times
Or maybe that was me.
Awakened once again
From restless sleep
Thinking how the rain
Must be trying to
Wash away the year
Ridding the landscape
Of any remaining
Seeds of hatred
Before they can
Take root in the soil.
Or perhaps the rain is
Offering to carry away
The sorrows of the year
At least for a moment
A comforting thought
As I finally decide to
Give up on sleep
And listen closely
Its anger seems to
Have disappeared
Mine as well
Ready to welcome
The new year
With an open heart

7 thoughts on “Deciding

  1. Connie Lane

    Thanks for another good one–it reminded me of the only haiku I ever wrote, which I have not shared with anyone before:
    Sky crying–rainfall
    Wash away the day today
    Tomorrow is new.
    Connie Lane

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  2. Happy New Year! Your poem speaks to me. I love the sound of rain on my rooftop. I see strength in feeling the anger and hurt. It can also be so difficult to do so. Poetry and writing together can support us in hearing what needs to be voiced so we can move forward. I am grateful that we have been able to do this together this year. You were a bright spot for me in 2020.
    Your poem is a beautiful gift, to my day, as this new year begins.
    Keep shining your light.

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