The Daffodil and Me

Buried deep
In the earth
By fertile soil
A cycle of
And Warmth
From the unseen
Source above
The tiniest
Of stretches
Baby roots
Begin to reach
And seeking
In chorus
Ready to follow
An unknown path-
The hard work of
Seed to sprout
The patience of
Bud to flower
All while weathering
Wind, rain, and cold
Until the affection
Of the sun
Lifts her face
Toward the sky
Begging the question-
What comes next?

I am enjoying the daffodils this year. Their resistance to our unpredictable weather is amazing. They may droop a little due to an unexpected cold but stand right back up the next sunny day. They may shiver in the wind, but they don’t fall over. Hmmm…I think there’s a lesson in there somewhere. 😉

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