October Pink

Didn’t think much about my choice of clothing this morning. Just felt like wearing my pink dress. Yes, I know it’s the first day of October. And yes, I do love Fall colors. But here I am, dressed in pink.

And then I saw a pink ribbon…instantly reminding me that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. A time to focus on the importance of research and early detection. A time for friendly reminders to get your mammogram!

Most importantly, I am thankful all over again for my mom. Eight years after a complete mastectomy, she remains cancer free!

Happy October! From thankful me, wearing my pink dress.

4 thoughts on “October Pink

  1. Kelley, you and your Mom made my heart smile (and tear up with happy feelings). I’m so happy she’s here with you! Happy October my friend. It’s a “Simply” beautiful Sunday (I get to see my Mom today). Sending you love and blessings! 💛

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