So Much More…

So much
Of rights
Not yours
In companion
With mine
No, mine or yours
Over and over
Making certain
Everyone knows
And no one

How lonely
It must be
Concerned only
With oneself
Not interested
In truly loving
Or in understanding
That our hearts
Are Capable
Of beating
The same rhythm
At any given
Moment in time

Another poem from a recent writing circle with Ali Grimshaw. You never know what’s going to show up on the page. And the critical voice is not invited. Love this process! ❤️

5 thoughts on “So Much More…

  1. “Capable of beating at the same time…” I do wish we could hear one another~truly listen to things outside our own thoughts and opinions. To be accepting and disarming. Beautiful words my friend. 💕💛

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      1. You’re welcome 💛 I had 4 friends visit from Maumelle this weekend (5 total friends from there in a month~so neat). You remind me of my friend, Mary. This round has been a bit tougher. Mouth ulcers, bleeding gum, and nausea. Yesterday afternoon and much of today have been better so I won’t complain! I had missed your posts and wanted to carve time to read them. I’m praying and thinking of you as you prepare for a new year. You’re a blessing! 💕

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