No Magic Wand

When the clock strikes midnight tonight, I know there will be no magic wand to wave away all the hurt and loss of this past year. Although it may provide a fresh perspective, a reminder that time continues on.

This year has brought new experiences. Some were not good, not pleasant, not on a list of wishful repeats. Others are most certainly worth remembering and repeating.

Early in my quarantine experience, I began participating in poetry circles. I had no idea what to expect. The first time I clicked that zoom link, I was nervous. But those butterflies quickly disappeared as I was welcomed by unfamiliar yet friendly faces on my computer screen.

This process of listening, writing, and reflecting through poetry has brought so much joy during this challenging time. It also brought the gift of friendship, even across great distances.

Thank you, Ali Grimshaw, for sharing your kind heart and making these circles possible.

I wrote the following poem during our most recent circle. ❤

Woven Strong

Small sticks and twigs
Soft pieces of lint
Maybe a leaf or two
Not a particularly strong
Sounding description for
A safe dwelling

Yet, the tiny bird gathers
Its building materials
Carefully lacing
Each item with the next-
Until a soft bed is ready
To hold precious cargo

A little like the heart
Don’t you think?
Small in comparison
To its host
Precisely as the nest
Is to the tree

Likewise held together
With strands of love
Woven strong
Yet, soft enough
To hold close
Those I love

Blue Iris

I remember
The colors in
Our front yard
A row of
Beautiful blues
A row of
Bright yellows
The blue variety
Is the one that
Appears when
My eyes are
Closed tight
Not only
Clear images
A sweet scent
As well-grape-
By smiles
Rows of blue iris
And my Mom
Standing in
The front yard

I realize many of us are beginning to feel the chill of winter, some more than others. Yet, it seems fitting to share this poem today. I wrote this during a recent Poetry Circle with Ali Grimshaw.

Sometimes memories surface when we least expect them but right when they are needed. ❤