What’s That Sound?

I was listening to This American Life podcast on my way home yesterday. https://www.thisamericanlife.org/766/well-someone-had-to-do-something The stories were humorous, unusual, inspiring, and thought-provoking. But the two related to current events in Ukraine…well, words are hard to find.

One of the stories is about a man working to change the flow of misinformation to the people of Russia. He randomly calls individuals seeking to engage in conversation about what is happening in Ukraine. He is often met with anger, arguments, and hang-ups.

But sometimes, the person on the other end listens, even if briefly. Responding quietly, if at all. His explanation-Fear has its own sound, you know.

I have breathed
The sigh of relief
Heard pure joy
Thru the laughter
Of my children
Expressed grief
With sounds
Of sobbing
But what about fear?
How does it sound?
The thought
Only silence
My hurried mind
Until heard
In the voices
Of others
Voices afraid
The next city
Will be their own
Voices afraid
They may never
See family again
Even voices afraid
To hear
Or speak
The truth
Others work
To forever
Keep hidden-
Do you hear
The sound
Of their fears?

5 thoughts on “What’s That Sound?

  1. I feel the distant fears knowing our own country is playing similar “games” with us – my sense is fear stays mute while amping up heart rates and “showing up” in various other ways – mostly undesirable. Very sad that any of us live in fear.

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  2. This is beautiful, Kelley. It bothers me immensely how Russia is censoring every newscast and media outlets that try to share any truth. How do you keep a country deaf and blind to the realities? That’s a prison that I can’t understand. And here, in our country, to know the truth one must be diligent in using many many sources. I’m so thankful for the truth in my faith! I’m so sad for those suffering in Ukraine. And feel sad for those who don’t see an issue. I’ll never understand that. 🙏🏻❤️

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