Once Again

I see the notes
Gracefully strung
Across the staff
My hands
Gently fall
Onto the keys
Music drifts
Thru the air
Is this progression always the same?
So many things to consider
Things that may
Cause my eyes to fall
Leave my hands to drift
The music silenced
Tucked away
On its pages
Waiting patiently
For its turn
Once again
To speak
Drift thru the air
And keep me
From falling

I have been participating in writing circles with Ali Grimshaw https://flashlightbatteries.blog/ for almost two years now. Each experience reminds me that distance is not a determiner of meaningful connections. Ali provides a safe space for writing and sharing. Always with a reminder to send my critical voice to the other room.

I wrote the above poem in last night’s circle. ❤️

4 thoughts on “Once Again

  1. A beautiful poem … and broader than the piano keyboard … writing poetry also a variable progression, vulnerable to interruptions … a conducive connectivity essential. I’ll second your comments on Ali as creative catalyst!

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  2. Kelley,

    I really enjoyed reading your poem here. Your words are an offering that brought a lift to my day.
    This is the line I want to reflect back to you.
    “Is this progression always the same?”
    Thanks for sharing with me and others in the circle.

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