Simply Sunday

Open My Eyes

Some roads we travel daily
Others rarely
The first serve their purpose
Transporting us from
Point A to point B
The second calls to us
Invites, at certain times in life
Carries us to pinnacles
Capable of renewing passions
Often dwindled by the daily-
Roads worth traveling
Views worth beholding
Even if it means
Closing my eyes
Around the steep curves
Trusting the one in control
Will let me know
When it is safe
To open my eyes and look around
Inviting me to fathom
How far I’ve come
And how small I am
In comparison
To the vastness
Of this world

For we walk by faith, not by sight. 2 Corinthians 5:7

2 thoughts on “Simply Sunday

  1. Those second-kind roads can can be invites or dictates (as in helping my son die in relative peace) – in either case, your following lines ring true. I am learning to look at dictates as invites (not challenges, not reprimands) given the multitude of positive feelings and insights that accompany experiences I’d never initiate.

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