Tug of War

Parading around
In costumes
Distracting me
From the struggle
Taking root
In my soul
Can be sneaky
That way

Tricksters thriving
On energy
Expended in a
Tug of War
That leaves
Me trying
To pull the rope
From both ends
There will never
Be a winner
Only the need
To let go
Of the rope
Even if
It means
In the mud

I often talk about poetry being therapeutic. This poem is a perfect example. It did not provide answers to the questions on my mind. However, writing the words down provided some tension relief. It also reminded me I don’t have to have all the answers right at this moment. Maybe you can relate. ☺️

4 thoughts on “Tug of War

  1. I completely understand. Writing the words gets it out. You see it and begin to gain perspective. You now have it. It no longer has you as it might otherwise remain captive inside. Thank you for putting words to this often vexing place.

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  2. Definitely relate!! When situations stress my sensibilities I sit down and write it out in short lines – a poem – may not ever be seen by another but invariably poetizing the “impossible” reveals new view angles that move me forward – toward possibilities. One common conclusion/possibility being acceptance and patience to see how things evolve …

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