Before I Forget

Simpler times
Long days
When a bike ride
Meant singing
In full voice
Unaware of
Quiet melodies
From birds
Hiding in tall
Shade trees that
Lined the path
A time when
Playing outside
Included music
Blaring from a
Spirit of ’76
Transistor radio
The perfect
Soundtrack for my
Nine-year-old life
Simpler times
Long days
Memories that
Surely fade
As years pass-Now,
Written down to
Bring a smile
Before I forget

3 thoughts on “Before I Forget

  1. Squeeze your right fist for 90 seconds to stimulate the part of the hypo-campus in the left hemispheres that helps you to store the memories. Then squeeze your left fist to stimulate the area in the right hemisphere to help you recall what you wanted to remember not forget.

    But why do I always forget to do the little tricks that help me to remember and recall all this shit!?

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