Shared Tears

Even the warm 
Was unable
To keep
The shadow
Of dread away-
Like a dark cloud
Warning of storms
Up ahead
While providing
No instructions
For preparation
Or survival
Only questions-
What is about to happen?
How will I respond?

A revelation lifts
The uneasiness
But leaves behind
A sadness
The weight of it
Pulling strings
Between souls
Across minor chords
Tension eased only
Through shared tears

My dad’s only living brother, Sam, is not expected to live much longer. I have not seen him in years. And yet, this news brought sadness.

Dad has only been gone a few months. I know the heartache Sam’s loss will bring to others in my family.

Family ties are often stretched and sometimes broken. I’m so thankful Dad and Sam were able to reconnect in recent years.

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