I want it to
Go away
The feeling itself
And the way
It makes me feel
It refused-
Sticking around
Like a dull
All of me-
Blurry vision
Upset stomach
Tense muscles-
So it goes
With anger
But like that
Dull headache
I know it will ease
When carefully
Tended with
The right remedies

Anger is listed in the stages of grief. But somehow, I was not expecting it to be part of my experience. That is not my personality. Nor did I understand its close relationship with sadness. That is, until this week.

Driving to work Monday, I had a sudden image of Mom and Dad at home. They were going through their morning routine, smiling. I smiled. Just as suddenly, I felt mad. Angry at the reality that he is not there with her.

Honestly, I did not recognize it as anger at first. But it did not fade. Two things helped. Naming it and allowing it to work its way out thru tears.

Smiling helps, too. It's just that some days that requires a bit more intention.😊

12 thoughts on “Remedies

  1. I’m sorry for the moments that take your breath and bring tears. I’m so happy you can write them. Even in grief, you lift us by bonding us all in shared human moments. I wish I lived closer for a cup of coffee and a shoulder to lean. I hope you feel my hugs and prayers. And your Mom and family too.🙏🏻✝️💛

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      1. That touches my heart. Sometimes I worry I might say the wrong things. But I think our hearts can speak to one another. You’re using yours well, my friend. I was in Tulsa a few weeks ago as my oldest son and part of my hiking tribe of AR did the “exchange” of Momma, aka me, in the car! I thought of you, Kelley! Yes, next time! 😉💕❤️☕️

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  2. I loved your poem and relate big time. It’s been 11 years since we lost my dad. I wrote a story dedicated to him. When I was editing it a few days ago for Substack, I was sobbing. The hardest part since has been seeing my mom’s grief while dealing with my own. And anger was part of it for sure. Naming and letting it roll over are great strategies. Sending hugs today. ♥.

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      1. Thank you. Every author loves to hear that. ^^ It’s on Substack, but still needs formatting edits. I imported my Niki Flow blog there last week; the formatting is mostly non-existent. That’s nearly ten years of posts to fix. I really like Substack though. I followed Shaun Usher (Letters of Note) and Erin Brockovich there and found others I liked. Thanks for asking. =) ♥.

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