Tiny hand
Patting me
On the back
Head quietly
On my shoulder-
Hands folded
Held still
Near your face
As I tuck you
Snuggly in bed-
Seemed like
You were too big
To be tucked in
Staying up
Later than
Mom and dad
A sweet
Reversal of roles
The big kid
Coming in
To tell us goodnight-
I don't remember
When any of those
But they did-
And that's ok

Preparing to be a grandma has me thinking about those early days and years of motherhood. They change so fast.

We are looking forward to welcoming sweet Emilia June very soon! πŸ’—

9 thoughts on “Goodnights

  1. I’m so happy for you, Kelley! It’s such joy to love grandchildren. They are a gift to us in this season of our lives. I celebrate with you! I have another grandson due to arrive in June! I’m as excited about this one as I have been about each one. It never gets old! πŸ’œ

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