Simply Sunday

Thirty Years

What does thirty years mean to you? If we look at it in terms of math-10,950 days, 262,800 hours, and 15,768,000 minutes. And yes, I did the math. Just don’t ask me to show my work! And while those huge numbers give a little sense of the time that has passed, they don’t quite do justice.

For me, a lot of ground has been covered in thirty years. It began with what I like to call a rescue. My life was a mess when I met Gart. I suppose he could say the same. But he found me, and that was that.

We were both ready for a commitment. That decision covered seven cities, one apartment, and seven houses. It also brought new jobs and a long list of friends.

What result are we most proud of? Three grown children and one beautiful daughter-in-law. Each of them is their own person. Each with their own gifts. Each holds kindness and the ability to accept others where they are.

Well, tomorrow is our official thirty-year anniversary. It is also the day before our first granddaughter’s due date. How appropriate. The beginning of year thirty will be celebrated while waiting on the birth of this new little person we already love.

Happy Anniversary to us!

Simply Sunday

Much of last week felt heavy. Saturday, I was thankful to spend time writing with my friend, Ali. What a treat! I wrote the following poem during our time together. It seemed like the perfect choice for Simply Sunday. Hope you enjoy it! ❤️

Hold My Hand

Where were you in my yesterday?
Where will you be in my tomorrow?

A thought
A smile
A memory
Today, you may
Very well
Hold my hand
And that is
A beautiful thing
Even if only
For a moment
A moment is
All that is needed
To carry us
Into tomorrow-
Where was I in your yesterday?
Where will I be in your tomorrow?


Tiny hand
Patting me
On the back
Head quietly
On my shoulder-
Hands folded
Held still
Near your face
As I tuck you
Snuggly in bed-
Seemed like
You were too big
To be tucked in
Staying up
Later than
Mom and dad
A sweet
Reversal of roles
The big kid
Coming in
To tell us goodnight-
I don't remember
When any of those
But they did-
And that's ok

Preparing to be a grandma has me thinking about those early days and years of motherhood. They change so fast.

We are looking forward to welcoming sweet Emilia June very soon! 💗

Simply Sunday


There are
Those days
I wish time
Could freeze
Of course
Just long
For my heart
To capture
The images
I never want
To forget-
Just long
Enough to
File them away
For safekeeping
So upon recall
They may help
Thaw any
There are
Those days
I wish time
Could freeze

Simply Sunday

Holding Hope

Waiting for
Buds to appear
And begin
The landscape
With the newness
Felt in all
Shades of green
Taking care not
To overlook
Today's grays
Or forget
The once bright
Now faded
Their purpose
Fulfilled in
The graceful
Holding of hope
For tomorrow’s


What makes a year?
Logic says
Seconds, minutes, hours
Days, weeks, months
Equally spaced
To help us keep track-
Of what, I’m not sure
Oh, there’s no denying
The answer when
My birth year
Is subtracted
From the current year
But the larger
That number grows
The less it represents
Anything equally spaced
What makes a year?
My heart says
The love of others
The beauty of nature
Grief, heartache, and loss
Faith, hope, and love
None of which
Fit into any calendar
All of which
Even the torn edges
Can be transformed
Into a much-cherished
Collage of memories

Simply Sunday

Driving at Dusk

Silhouetted trees
Of blackest ink
A radiant orange
The Earth
On its orbit
No slower
Or faster than
The day before
I am moving, too
Yet, somehow
In this one
Instant of time
Giving me pause
Time to marvel
Until the
Fades away

Cushioned Steps

Each careful step
Across the floor
Cushioned by
Layers of history
What was once alive
Now protects as it
Feeding the earth
Lying underneath
How many have
Come and gone
Taken these same steps
Across lines of
Time and space-
Did they notice
The Luna moth
Drying her wings
In frilly foliage
Of gentle ferns
Or the bright orange
Peeking out from
The fern leaves
Were their steps cushioned as well?
Steps that allowed
Time for pause
Time for soaking up
All the forest
Has to say
About the past
The present
And the future

Simply Sunday

Happy Father’s Day!

The past two years brought health challenges for my dad. Open-heart surgery and heart failure were encapsulated by complications from diabetes. I am grateful he is still with us. And he is thriving.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

He and my mom have coped well with the struggles of health combined with pandemic living. I know it has not been easy, and I am proud of them.

On this Father’s Day, I miss my father-in-law, Bob. I often wonder what he would think about the current state of the world. The political divide in our country? He would be disappointed. The challenges of living through a pandemic…not sure how he would have fared. Isolation from family and friends would have been difficult. He lived for his family and was quick to whip us into shape. 😉❤️

But, oh, what good things have happened. Grandchildren graduated from high school and college. Several are now married. And three new great-grandchildren have joined our family.

Anytime we are together as a family, I know he is smiling. He is smiling, and we are remembering.

Simply Sunday


Such a strange
I’m not sure it’s
But certainly
I haven’t seen you in forever!
Spoken with joy
Spoken with regret
Both can fill
The same space
Other times
The word seals
Every hole
In the heart
Despite lack of
Will you marry me?
And this is forever…

Received with security
Received with doubts
Both can fill
The same space
Twenty-nine years
Of forever, so far
And I still don’t
Fully understand
But I am grateful
That forever
To grow

Happy Anniversary To Us! ❤️