Simply Sunday


Why does
The heart
So often resist
Needed change
All while
The body
Is crying
Please stop!
You need to rest!

Because of fear?
Fear of what?
Disappointing someone?
Making a wrong choice?
The heart knows
The answer
All along
Yet, continues
To wrestle
Within itself
That is, until
Strong arms
Take over
Around the chest
Squeezing tight
A message
Of reassurance-
Have faith!
It will be ok

5 thoughts on “Simply Sunday

  1. Kelley, this spoke so much to me. I feel the words~such encouragement and faith! I love it! Sending many hugs and prayers for a beautiful week. You give so much and I know how rewarding it is. Love, Karla 💛 Kelley, do you have a grandma name picked out we can all call you? 💕🙏🏻

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