Scenes From School

There are so many factors currently affecting morale among educators. It is easy to feel weighed down. Challenges are real, as are celebrations. I remind myself often to look for the good. And the funny. Knowing they will help balance the frustrating and the heart-breaking.

Scenes from school are intended to show just a tiny glimpse of the moments that brought a smile. ❤️Hope you enjoy! Think I’ll go take a nap!

Scene 1

First music lesson objectives for kindergarten: Rules help us. Music is a treasure.

During kindergarten last week, I asked if they had rules at home. Several yelled out No! But then there were answers such as-Don’t jump on the furniture! Don’t jump on the bed! Don’t jump off the balcony! And the final answer-Don’t smoke in the house!

Scene 2

First graders were practicing keeping a steady beat. But end-of-the-day restlessness set in. The kiddos and me. One little friend sensed my frustration.

Come on, Mrs. Morris! Let’s find that steady beat in our hearts!

Scene 3

I was greeting fourth-grade students at the door. Good morning! Have a seat around the circle. As one little boy passed by, he said You look beautiful today.

7 thoughts on “Scenes From School

  1. Piano Girl, I applaud your positive outlook as you look for the good, in spite of so much that tries to suppress and depress. 🤗 I am from a family of educators and I can truly empathize with you on the morale busters our good teachers have to deal with on so many levels. You know if it wasn’t for being a part of the band in high school I don’t know what I would have done. Music gave me the balance I think I needed. I seriously think it enhanced my focus on my college prep studies. There is something about music that really does soothe a savage beast. 😊 Hang in there and have a FANtabulous weekend. 🤩🎵🎼🎹🎷🎶😘

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