Self-Check Lane

Decided to give weekly SoCS writing prompt a go! This week’s prompt was bagged. Fun!

He bagged groceries most of his life. Found satisfaction in the routine.

It was like a new puzzle with each order. Everything had its place. Heavy cans were double bagged. Bread and eggs are always on top.

The smiles were nice, too. Most people seemed to appreciate the care taken with their chosen items. After all, these were the things intended to provide sustenance, and energy needed to fulfill their specific jobs.

Yes, their jobs may have been seen as more important than bagging groceries. That didnโ€™t matter, not to him. He took pride in those bagged groceries.

Only one thing made him sad. That was the day the owner installed their first self-check laneโ€ฆ

14 thoughts on “Self-Check Lane

    1. We have had self check lanes and even self scan as you shop systems aong time, having worked in retail I have seen with my own eyes it does not cause any redundancy at all honestly. There is always room for more checkouts and packers! ๐Ÿ’œ

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      1. Youโ€™re so welcome, Kelley. Great memories! I was thinking of you this โ€œSimply Sundayโ€. I have a dear friend, her spirit reminds me of you, that is coming to stay with me today and tomorrow. She lives in Maumelle and we have had many adventures in and around Little Rock and Buffalo River. ๐Ÿ’›

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  1. Self-checkout is just one more reason for the employer to reduce payroll, even though cashiers and baggers aren’t usually very highly paid. Not to mention that a recent study (don’t ask me for details, I’ve lost them) that shows that big box stores with self-checkout experience a high rate of shoplifting due to unscanned items leaving the store.
    Give me humans every time, please.

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