Simply Sunday


Such a strange
I’m not sure it’s
But certainly
I haven’t seen you in forever!
Spoken with joy
Spoken with regret
Both can fill
The same space
Other times
The word seals
Every hole
In the heart
Despite lack of
Will you marry me?
And this is forever…

Received with security
Received with doubts
Both can fill
The same space
Twenty-nine years
Of forever, so far
And I still don’t
Fully understand
But I am grateful
That forever
To grow

Happy Anniversary To Us! ❤️

26 thoughts on “Simply Sunday

      1. You’re so welcome, Kelley! I hate to share this here, but I wanted you to know~11 days ago I was diagnosed with cancer. I have a rare tumor in my liver and it spread to create a mass on my pancreas. I have two lymph nodes behind my stomach that have it. It went to bones~on my right skull, my spine, my hip, and pelvis. Surgery is not an option as it’s too risky right now. My family and I are meeting with the oncologist on Wednesday. I feel as if I’m in a dream my friend. I had Covid for two weeks and I was diagnosed on the tail end. No wonder I was so sick. I appreciate prayers and support so much. Please take care as you wind down your year. Love, Karla 💛

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