Not So Unalike

If your tears flowed
From my eyes
Instead of your own
Would I feel your pain?
Would I understand
What brings you joy?

If your heart
Beat strong
Inside my chest
Would you know
My fears? Sense
My excitement?

Physically impossible
We are worlds apart
Yet, if I stare long enough
At your image to gain
A glimpse into your soul
What might occur?

Would my life change?
Would yours?
Sympathy morphing
Into understanding
And understanding
Flying into action

I am not you
You are not me
Yet, if we seek-
Peer deep enough
Perhaps we would
Grasp the mystery

We are not so unlike.

Listening to this song a few weeks back, I was drawn to write. But days have been long. And my brain has been saying rest. Then today, I heard it again. This time, I couldn’t ignore it. As a matter of fact, I sat in my car in the garage until the song was over. Take a listen. ❤️

6 thoughts on “Not So Unalike

  1. So glad you shared this – I’m curious how you became aware of it, to listen initially … but mostly, just THANK YOU. This can be taken many ways (identifying with others who seem “odd”, cutting across culture lines) – but the little-boy perspective goes much deeper for me, watching this video, seeing the essence of my son when very young engrossed with this various dragons and such. I often sensed he was a bit more than just human. And now his spirit soars with the birds, looking down on those of us still stuck in our “norms”.

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    1. ❤️ I like the group Five for Fighting. This song was on an essentials playlist I recently downloaded and caught my ear. But the video I saw for the first time today! What a beautiful connection to the memory of your son. You might also enjoy their songs-100 Years and The Riddle.

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  2. Wow, Kelley. That video and the lyrics really touched me this morning. Your beautiful poem is a wonderful introduction to what I watched and listened to. Thank you for posting this. Quite a lovely call back to the inner child of my heart as well as a beautiful acknowledgment of my sons and some of the curves on life’s road that we all encounter…especially with those we love. ❤️

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