Morning News

Yesterday, I listened to an uplifting story on the morning news. An unlikely connection between two people living on different continents.

Their initial meeting was over the phone, a call intended to scam. But the man on the receiving end of the call heard something besides the rehearsed message.

In his own words, “…something in that young man’s voice. I could feel that he was a broken person.” He initiated a conversation that turned into a friendship.

If you would like to hear the whole story, check out this link.

This story led to the following poem. It also made me think of a song, He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother. Think I will save that for another day. 😉

Each Other’s Keepers

Sometimes heard
In the voice
Not thru words
In subtle timbres
Tiny waves of uncertainty
Rustling their way
Out from under
Rubble of worries
Cautiously searching
For one listening ear
One open heart
Two reaching hands
Willing to help
Carry the burden
Lessen the weight
If only for a moment

Will my ears hear the waves in your voice?
Will my heart see the need in your eyes?
Will my hands reach out and lift you?

My heart says you would do the same for me

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