Simply Sunday

Old Word Hope

I did not choose a word for the year. One chose me.

I had never heard of this word until yesterday. Not a surprise since it was last used in the 16th century. As I read its definition, it seemed like the perfect choice.

Before I share my word, you need to know its antonym.

Despair-the complete loss or absence of hope.

Though I have felt sadness and grief, I can’t say I have experienced despair. I have witnessed hopelessness. It is not difficult to find. So many challenges over the past couple of years. Such is this life we live.

No more suspense. My word for the year is…

Respair-fresh hope, or recovery from despair.

I am glad it found me! Now to try using it in a sentence. 😉

Here’s to respair in 2022! 🕊

7 thoughts on “Simply Sunday

  1. Oh – new to me too! And a good addition to my vocab for 2022 & onward. I do a focus late each year to receive my orientation for the coming year. Sometimes it takes more than a year! 2020 and 2021 were both “Navigate Uncertainty” and in many ways that continues into 2022 – but 2022 has a different slant: Spread Kindness. I’ll envision my kindness seeding respair in its wake. Thanks!

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