My steps
Were heavy
Even the ones
Taking me
I wanted
To go
Precious feet
Walked beside
In the sunlight
Of a clear
Fall day
Of color
Our paths
Until the light
Slipped away
And heaviness
To be named
Before sleep
Could come-
Now morning,
But I smile
At the beautiful
Pink sunrise

I have not written about depression lately. But honesty is my goal. And sometimes, admitting how I feel is the first step to feeling better. I love the fall colors and cooler temps. But when sunsets come earlier and cloudy days are multiplied, struggle sets in.

I am thankful for friends and family who understand and remind me it is ok.

The photo was actually taken a year ago. Matched today perfectly.

14 thoughts on “Disclosure

  1. The experience of living in a world that doesn’t see or honor the heart (and the feelings therein) is a very challenging experience for creatives. For we live in and from our hearts. Sending blessings to you as we enter this season of rest, reflection and preparation.

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  2. Connie Lane

    Hello Kelley—I wanted to be sure that at some time I told you about full-spectrum light therapy during the short dark days. If I did not and you want information, let me know and I can send you some scientific references. Connie Lane


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  3. Beautifully expressed – thank you. Wishing you (all of us) patience and perspective that this is NORMAL – not everyone’s, but our normal, coming and going. I’m not sure I’d want to eliminate these phases – though they do perplex others at times.

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