Simply Sunday

Wake Up!

The alarm
Jolts me awake
Each morning
Well, at least
My eyes
To open
I’m beginning
To think of
As a process
One with
Many steps
The number
Of which
May vary
From person
To person
Not sure
The steps matter
What matters
Is the outcome
The place
Where my feet
Firmly land
Where my eyes
Open wide
With wonder
And my heart
Prepares to fill
And be filled
All those who
Also decided
To wake up

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10 thoughts on “Simply Sunday

      1. You’re welcome, Kelley. Yes, I am well, thank you! In my 18 months of my blog this is the first time I’ve gone so long without publishing. A beautiful granddaughter was born in Alaska last week (joins her 2 year old brother). I’m so excited to prepare to leave to visit them! AND… I finally published my first non-fiction children’s book. I’m working with the printing press now for a bulk order and even have 4 book signings lined up for Fall! It’s such an exciting and busy time. My self-publishing journey, coupled with health and new move, etc…, has been rewarding-and exhausting. I’m working with special needs adults once a week and enjoying every minute of that too. I was beginning to feel such a disconnect from WP. And it made me sad. Friends like you have been my stable comfort in a topsy-turvy world. I was so happy to read your work last night! I’m sending prayers for you for your school year and your students. Hugs my friend. 🤍❤💚

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