Same and Different

How often
in our curious
to understand
the innermost
of the brain
do we forget
the soul standing
in front of us?
as deficits
listed in order
of our perceived
Yes, good comes
from understanding
but danger arises
when discoveries
serve only to
without helping us
understand we each
hold a purpose-
Oh, that we
could grasp
our differences
thru the lens
of our sameness

Simply Sunday

I picture my mom
Gently folding the edge
Of an embroidered
Cloth napkin
A needle piercing
In even spaces
Crafting tiny holes
For a thread to weave
Over and under
Giving the fabric
A new strength
A renewed purpose

Hem me in
Fold in my
Rough edges
A seam
Of hope
The stitches
May hurt
But they will heal
Giving my heart
A new strength
A renewed purpose

You hem me in behind and before, and you lay your hand upon me. Psalm 139:5

Simply Sunday

Wake Up!

The alarm
Jolts me awake
Each morning
Well, at least
My eyes
To open
I’m beginning
To think of
As a process
One with
Many steps
The number
Of which
May vary
From person
To person
Not sure
The steps matter
What matters
Is the outcome
The place
Where my feet
Firmly land
Where my eyes
Open wide
With wonder
And my heart
Prepares to fill
And be filled
All those who
Also decided
To wake up

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Another Thread

Not simple
In form
A million
And one
Flesh and blood
Soul and spirit
From birth to death
And each facet of
Life in between
Layers upon layers
Minutes, days, hours
Becoming years in
What feels like a
Matter of seconds
History alive in
The physical-
A resemblance
A representation-
History alive in
The spiritual-
A passion
A purpose-
Another thread
Woven thru the
Continuing story
In this tapestry
Of passing time

My Favorite Color is…

I recently purchased a new phone. Of course, one of the first things to do with a new phone is choosing the wallpaper. I enjoy seeing a personal pic of some kind when opening my phone. With more than 7,000, I have plenty to choose from.

I chose a nature scene. Bright blue sky, billowy white clouds, and dark green trees now grace my home screen. As I opened my phone this morning, the combination of colors in this particular pic caught my eye. Blue, green, and white complimenting each other to create a beautiful image.

If asked about my favorite color, I always choose blue. I can’t remember ever having a different answer. Something about my current age, tendency to be reflective I suppose, made me stop to ponder.

Strangely enough, this particular picture provided some insight. The patch of clear blue sky by itself is beautiful. However, when seen in contrast with fluffy white clouds and green trees, it is transformed. Its beauty is magnified. And it is not a matter of comparison. It is a matter of compliment.

Kind of like people, you know? We may each be someone’s favorite. Favorite teacher, friend, aunt, uncle, cousin, etc. But that doesn’t mean we simply stand alone, happy to be the chosen. No, we celebrate the need to exist in compliment. In other words, I can’t be the favorite aunt without loving my sweet nieces. 😉

I will always have favorite people in my life, and blue will continue to be my favorite color. But hopefully, I will remember to truly see all the people around me.

We all have a purpose, a place of belonging. And just like the colors in my photo, we have the power to bring out the best in each other. When given a chance.