Two Poems

Elbows and Knees

I cried at the sight
Of you frail
Unaware of
My presence-
Chose to remember
Different images
On that day-
Tall and lanky
Uncanny ability
To sit comfortably
On your haunches
Elbows perched
On knees
Backside inches
From the ground-
My college senior
Piano recital
Me in my black dress
You in your blue
Cotton shirt and pants
Both beaming-
Five years later
My newborn son
Sleeping in your arms-
After you were gone
I saw your reflection
As my son sat
On his haunches
Elbows perched
On knees
Backside inches
From the ground-
Pictures of you
Held dear,


The morning
Is dark blue
The kind of blue
That almost
Looks black
But once
The sun rises
Turns to cerulean-
As the day
The sky shifts
Until night washes
Over the work
Of the day
Bringing rest
To the Earth-
And rest to you
Handsome you
Strong you
Wearing your
Favorite blue shirt
Faded with time
As the dirt
And sweat
From a lifetime
Of hard work
Was washed away

I wrote the first poem specifically about my Grandpa Crow. He was a sweet man. Hardworking and loved to fish. The second could describe many different people from my growing up years. Maybe you can relate. 😊❀️

14 thoughts on “Two Poems

  1. Yes, I can definitely relate! And I can conjure up my Aunt Mary Beth in all except the sitting on haunches. She was almost always wearing blue-checked dresses – a closet full of them! Hands almost always soiled from the garden or tending the pigs or chickens.
    Thank you for the evocative lyrics. Your grandpa must be grinning down.

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  3. I CAN relate, despite ever knowing only one of my four grandparents. I’ve been lucky enough to have such loved ones as you’ve described so beautifully here. Awesome memoportraiture. Thank yu.

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