The Sidewalk

Anxiously waiting for
Family to arrive
Coming from what,
In my young heart
Seemed like a
Faraway place-
Used to be a short walk
Down the hill
A knock on the door
Hello! Come out and play?
Now visits were
Few, but precious
Filled with late nights
Laughter, memories
Never enough time
Never ready to say
I see myself standing at
The end of the sidewalk
Unable to contain my tears
Waving until their faces
Drove out of sight-
Already anticipating
Our next visit

11 thoughts on “The Sidewalk

      1. I love the stories of your past. I grew up an expat – we lived in Europe most of my life until I was 22. Family was just not ‘around’ us other than when we went to Paris to visit my mother’s family or the south of France. Reading your stories gives me this pang of nostalgia for something I never had – which is a lovely heart tug kind of feeling. Thanks for sharing them so beautifully.

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