The Way I Saw It

The past few mornings have been rainy. It’s difficult to wake up and get moving when the sky is so gray. But yesterday morning, though rain still fell, had a different appearance.

Looking outside, I noticed the sky looked strange. The view out the back door was still mostly gray, but with an odd hint of pink. Looking out the front window showed the sun trying to shine through the rain. My first thought-I bet there is a rainbow.

So, I walked outside, and sure enough, there it was, a beautiful rainbow, the full arch, from one corner of the sky to the next. Little drops of rain fell on me as I took in its beauty. And then, of course, I had to snap a few pictures.

My eyes saw each color of the rainbow. Clear and bright. But when I looked at my photo, something was wrong. Still beautiful, but the colors seemed muted. Not what my mind remembered from just a few moments earlier.

I immediately began to edit my photo. Don’t you love those filters? But this took a lot of adjustments. I played with light, contrast, shadow, etc. Finally, I had a picture that represented what I had witnessed.

Why was it so important for me to change the original picture?
Seeing that rainbow brought a moment of beauty and peace during difficult days. And by sharing my photo, I hoped to share that experience. Maybe someone else needed that same kind of moment.

Which photo best represents what I actually saw? In my mind, it is the second. But logically, I know it is probably something in between the two. Maybe the second one is more representative of how I felt. Either way, that’s the way I saw it. And I think there’s a lesson in there somewhere… 🙂

12 thoughts on “The Way I Saw It

  1. Both photos invite lingering – great rainbow arc!
    I often tweak images to draw out what I perceived, and I’d guess we each see any scene slightly differently based on how our eyes and our brains interact. Cameras don’t experience the mood fluctuations a human apparatus does!

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  2. You probably did see something more like the “corrected” picture. With bright, beautiful skies like this one, cameras are forced to wash them out in order to keep the foreground from being overexposed. You’ve blessed us by letting us see the truth!

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  3. jessepfrancis

    Accodring to local traditions here in Kerala, Inida, if the sun comes out when it’s raining, they say its “Kurukkante Kalyanam” (Fox’s marriage)!😁

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