Kids, Music, and Christmas

It’s that busy time of year. So many things to do! Concerts, parties, baking, shopping. Everyone rushing around, trying to find that perfect gift. Crazy afternoon and evening traffic backed up for miles. Making travel plans to see out-of-town family and friends. Teachers trying to survive the last few days before a much-needed winter break.

With darkness coming earlier each day, it is tempting to go home and go to sleep after work. Or at least snuggle up with a good book, blanket, and cup of hot cocoa, maybe do a little online shopping. But sometimes it is worth it to do something that will spread a little cheer.

Yesterday after school, a teacher friend and I took our choir and student council students to visit an assisted living facility. The kids delivered cards and sang carols to two different groups of residents. You can just imagine the smiles on the precious faces of the elderly patients, many who have health and/or memory issues. The smiles on the kids’ faces were almost as bright.

When I arrived at school this morning, I overheard one student asking another about her visit to the nursing home the day before. Smiling ear to ear her response, “It was great! One sweet little lady gave me a kiss on the cheek.” Oh, my goodness. This excitement from a 5th grader.

Another sweet report went something like, “There was a lady in a wheelchair who looked like she was sleeping. But as soon as the music started, she opened her eyes and started moving!” I think it’s safe to say these children were a bright spot in her day.

Yes, this outing extended our day a little. Yes, it was a little chaotic carpooling thirty-something kids from school to the center and back. Yes, there is a level of stress that goes with making sure everyone gets picked up by their parent. However, all of those were overshadowed by the smiles and thank you’s which followed us out the door and were still impacting us the next day.

The truth is that bit of cheer we spread yesterday followed us right into today. Hopefully, some of it also remained with its original recipients.  

A beautiful circle of hope thanks to kids, music, and Christmas.

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