A Father’s Day Story

How do you measure success?  Money, material possessions, travel, adventure?  Facing constant pressure to seek the “next best” makes success difficult to define.  A recent conversation with my dad led my thoughts to this subject.  As he gathered souvenirs to share with children at their church’s VBS, I began questioning him about his travels and compiling a list of his mission trips.  The word “success” permeated my thoughts.

My dad is a carpenter, strong and gentle, a man of few words.  A hard worker who spent much of his life building homes.  I believe however, his work in volunteer missions truly defines his success.  My dad ventured nineteen times to Brazil, five times to Mexico, twice to Guatemala, and once to England.  These trips often involved church construction in poor, remote locations.  He also volunteered in twelve U.S. states on multiple occasions, building, remodeling and repairing churches, as well as working in tornado and hurricane damaged areas.

Mom often accompanied dad on these trips.  Both now in their seventies, they once again prepare to travel, this time to South Dakota.  Most people would say, “You’ve done enough, rest.” Nevertheless, they continue to be faithful, embracing opportunities to serve others.  In the words of my dad, “Not too bad for a bashful old country boy.”  Now that is what I would call a success story!

Happy Father’s Day dad!  I love you!dad



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