Simply Sunday

Happy Father’s Day!

The past two years brought health challenges for my dad. Open-heart surgery and heart failure were encapsulated by complications from diabetes. I am grateful he is still with us. And he is thriving.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

He and my mom have coped well with the struggles of health combined with pandemic living. I know it has not been easy, and I am proud of them.

On this Father’s Day, I miss my father-in-law, Bob. I often wonder what he would think about the current state of the world. The political divide in our country? He would be disappointed. The challenges of living through a pandemic…not sure how he would have fared. Isolation from family and friends would have been difficult. He lived for his family and was quick to whip us into shape. 😉❤️

But, oh, what good things have happened. Grandchildren graduated from high school and college. Several are now married. And three new great-grandchildren have joined our family.

Anytime we are together as a family, I know he is smiling. He is smiling, and we are remembering.

Simply Sunday

Father’s Day

Five days
As doctors
To repair
To replace
Pieces of
Your heart
Strength to
The rhythm
Of your days
Five days

I snapped the first photo on Dad’s first day in the hospital. Due to COVID regulations, visitations were limited and only one of us at a time, so I was thankful for these moments. The second was on the day he was released to go home after open-heart surgery. Happy Father’s Day, Dad! I love you! ❤️

My Father-n-law

Today we celebrated Father’s Day.  I prepared the requested chicken enchiladas and yellow cake with chocolate frosting for lunch.  Our family, including my mother-n-law, spent the afternoon together, ending our day seeing The Incredibles ii.  Such a nice day!  But someone was missing, my father-n-law.  He passed away February 2, 2016 after a hard fought battle with cancer.  Many moments today I sensed we were all thinking the same thing-we miss Dad, Papa, Bob.  None of us said anything, but his memory was present.

We do talk about him often. How he liked to razz the grandchildren about their love interests.  My mother-n-law once called him the nosiest man alive! How he would do everything in his power to make sure we all had what we needed and wanted.  He was so very generous.  We  knew he loved us, no doubts!  Though our celebrations may now feel incomplete, they must continue.  They must be sprinkled with precious memories of this one who teased us, quizzed us, provided for us, and loved us so well.


A Father’s Day Story

How do you measure success?  Money, material possessions, travel, adventure?  Facing constant pressure to seek the “next best” makes success difficult to define.  A recent conversation with my dad led my thoughts to this subject.  As he gathered souvenirs to share with children at their church’s VBS, I began questioning him about his travels and compiling a list of his mission trips.  The word “success” permeated my thoughts.

My dad is a carpenter, strong and gentle, a man of few words.  A hard worker who spent much of his life building homes.  I believe however, his work in volunteer missions truly defines his success.  My dad ventured nineteen times to Brazil, five times to Mexico, twice to Guatemala, and once to England.  These trips often involved church construction in poor, remote locations.  He also volunteered in twelve U.S. states on multiple occasions, building, remodeling and repairing churches, as well as working in tornado and hurricane damaged areas.

Mom often accompanied dad on these trips.  Both now in their seventies, they once again prepare to travel, this time to South Dakota.  Most people would say, “You’ve done enough, rest.” Nevertheless, they continue to be faithful, embracing opportunities to serve others.  In the words of my dad, “Not too bad for a bashful old country boy.”  Now that is what I would call a success story!

Happy Father’s Day dad!  I love you!dad