Sky Full of Sorrow

I need a tree
For an umbrella
Its branches
The spokes
Its leaves
The fabric
A little rain
To touch
My head
My arms
Not enough
To drench
Just enough
To mix with
My tears
Shield my heart
From the drops
Too heavy to bear
Falling like sorrow
From the sky
For the lights
Of the innocent
Once again

7 thoughts on “Sky Full of Sorrow

  1. This is so beautiful and heartfelt, dear friend. I understand. You have such a way with words with your beautiful and open heart. We are blessed to read them. I scrolled and scrolled to find you today. I wasn’t going to get ready until I landed on Piano Girl. I have Simply Sundays to get to. May God wrap you in his love. I hope and pray your spring, new position, weather,…everything goes your way as you give so much to others. Love, Karla 💛

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