Simply Sunday


A black cloud
Moved across
The gray
Morning sky
Circling, swirling
Changing shape
Coming back
Its fluctuations
My grief-
Moving closer
I could see
It was not
A cloud
But a flock
Of birds-
They landed
On the branches
Of barren trees
Perched up high
Their feathers
A brief replacement
For recently
Fallen leaves
Their stillness
Giving my heart
A moment to rest
Catch my breath
Though tears
Continued to flow

My sweet dad passed away early this morning. My heart is broken. I am forever grateful that he was my dad. He had a gentle strength about him. There is so much I want to remember and reflect over. But for now, this is all I can share.

11 thoughts on “Simply Sunday

  1. Marina

    Good evening. I am so sorry for your loss Kelley. Your dad was an amazing human being. He adopted me as his Island daughter and treated me like he would treat you. He loved God, his family, his community and most importantly his wonderful wife I know he was proud of his baby girl!🥰. He knew you loved him.What a wonderful example to love like Christ. To be absent from the body is to be present with our Lord. I am here for you . You are more than a best friend and I want you to know I am here with you every step. We will forever have lots of fond memories of him to cherish.I love you.

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