Morning rises
Night falls
A continuous cycle
Framing daily
And goings
I trust it to happen
Sometimes, even
Press pause to
Catch a glimpse
And though
It takes place
Right in front
Of my eyes
I don’t actually
Know it’s happening
A transformation
So gradual
Never to be
And colors
Forever new
Always ending
With light or dark
Visual changes
Left behind
In the heavens
Spiritual changes
Rested deep
Within the soul

3 thoughts on “Brushstrokes

  1. Kelley,…I FEEL this poem. You have such a beautiful soul; and amazing words. I feel the brushstrokes and allow the painting of myself everyday. I’m sorry I missed your Simply Sunday, but I think of you EVERY Sunday. These last few days of chemo were very rough. I’m praising God for feeling better today. I’m sending you prayers and hugs as you prepare to make a difference with the kids soon! 💕💛🙏

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