Dear Cloud

Stop teasing
Come closer
I see you
All day
Hanging out
On the perimeter
Yes, I know
It offers the most
Sought after views
Of the blue skies
The location
Where you look
Your brightest-
But you cast
A broad shadow
Perfect for days
Like today
Couldn’t you
Float on over
And provide
A spot of shade
Not even asking
For a drop of rain
Maybe a breeze
Thirty minutes tops
That’s all I’m asking…

After multiple days of one-hundred-degree temperatures, trying to lighten the mood. I am holding out hope for a few cooler days this coming weekend. There is even a slight chance of rain. Fingers crossed!

5 thoughts on “Dear Cloud

  1. Yes!! Kelley, your poem is beautiful. This is our 4th straight week of no rain. We hit a record of 103 yesterday (108 feel-like temp). This heat wave has been brutal! I understand. My poor cousin’s basement flooded near St. Louis yesterday. They had record rain fall. It’s either feast or famine! Do take care my friend. Always sending thoughts and prayers. 💛💛💛

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