Simply Sunday

Out for your
Morning stroll
All alone-
Dark golden eyes
Reddish-brown skin
Looked like velvet
Is it soft? I wondered.
Didn’t mean
To frighten
Cause you
To stop frozen
In your tracks
We froze, too
Hoping for
A closer look
As your slow
Cautious steps
Sped back into
A gentle gallop-
A doe, a dancer
Along the forest floor-
Hoping our paths cross again…

6 thoughts on “Simply Sunday

  1. Six or seven does / fawns meandered back and forth across our back lot most of the afternoon, munching and enjoying the early-summer sunshiney breeze, just like the guy sitting on the deck watching them and counting his blessings.

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  2. I just wrote about counting our blessings. On Sunday, I didn’t feel too well. I missed your Simply Sunday. I love locking gazes with deer. Your words are so beautiful and descriptive! Love and hugs, Kelley, 💛

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