No Waiting

For Mom and Dad ❤️

Long drives
By the lake
Even on
The rainy days
Waiting for
Sunny days
Means missed
The sun
From behind
A cloud
To warm
My cold nose
From up
To cool
My rosy cheeks
Your smile
The table
To hold
My heart

My mom and I text often. She keeps me updated on doctor appointments and tells me how she and dad are doing. Sometimes there will be a picture to accompany the message. Here are two of my recent favorites. Both with the same message-lunch by the lake.

These two I took from the same spot, different days, months, and visits. Both beautiful in my eyes.

Working on finding the good in each day. Not just waiting for the sunny ones…

7 thoughts on “No Waiting

      1. I thought so! And believe it or not, that fence even looked familiar to me, lol! But it’s because it seems “home” to me. I took my camper many times to Maumelle and camped right on the Arkansas River. Stay blessed and healthy my friend as we begin a new year. I think of you on your break. I hope you are having some relaxing rejuvenation my friend! 🤍

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