This Time

Time is so interesting. The way some things change. The way some things stay the same. Yesterday, Gart and I drove to St. Louis for the regional marching band competition. We’ve been in this city, for the same purpose, many times before. Sort of…

All three of our children were in the marching band. I guess we were band parents for about ten years collectively. And all three marched in this very same contest.

When Robert, our oldest, marched, the two youngers were here to cheer him on. Even grandparents on a few occasions. And the tradition continued until Ryan, our youngest, was cheered on by Rachel and Robert.

It was strange sitting in those same seats. The same location, same school, atmosphere, etc. The only difference? We had no kids of our own on that field to watch for, cheer for, or find afterward for a photo. Gart is here as administrator. I am along for the ride.

But the funniest thing happened. As we waited to congratulate the directors on a great show, I saw a couple of familiar faces. Two girls in our band, part of the color guard. They were looking in my direction when I heard one of them say-Is that Mrs. Morris?!

These two senior girls remembered their old music teacher from elementary school. I had not seen them for at least six years. But oh, those smiles and hugs were sweet. They may not be my own children, but they helped fill a tiny part of what was missing this time.

Kids or no kids, candy factory is a must stop! 😉❤️

11 thoughts on “This Time

  1. Fantastic story, Kelly – I was in marching band years back in high school – a lot of memories stay with me still. One of the exercises I’m doing now in prep for coming hip surgery is lifting my knee high – yup, I know that move – in the ’60s that was the marching style!

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  2. Kelli, what a great picture of you two! You were in my neck of the woods and you must always stop at the Candy Factory! I’m not surprised your former students ran up to hug you. What a blessing! Here in Reeds Spring, MO they hosted a marching band festival over the weekend. I had girlfriends in from Arkansas and did not attend. I felt so bad for ALL the buses as it rained so hard! I hope you’re doing well. Stay blessed and healthy. 💛

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