Teachable Moments

Writing helps me process feelings. During one of my classes today, I decided to put that truth into practice. It wasn’t a terrible class, just loud. Lots of yelling at each other, mostly playing but foiling my attempts to teach songs/play instruments.

I could feel myself getting frustrated. So, I decided to try something different. I started a short music video, and I began to write. Some noticed, curious. And when the video ended, I explained what I had done.

I explained how writing helps me process my feelings. And that I was feeling frustrated. Then I read to them my words.

I love my job. But there are some moments. Especially the crazy ones that follow the awesome ones. The awesome ones are filled with music and laughter. So worth the energy.

I want each class to have that experience with me. To see the me that loves music. The me that loves life. The me that loves them. Not the me constantly saying, Sit down! Listen! Please don’t hit each other with the rhythm sticks or lick the dots on the floor.  Maybe next time…

It was suddenly quiet. I had kept myself from overreacting. They were listening.

Reflecting back on the day, it was mostly the fun kind of exhausting. This was only one small piece. A piece I felt was worth sharing. Because perfection is never the goal. The goal is learning. Life-long learning. And sometimes the lesson is for the teacher. ❤

12 thoughts on “Teachable Moments

  1. First, laughed out loud at the “Don’t lick the dots on the floor”! My wife is an elementary teacher. She has taught different grades. One year when she taught first grade, she had a student who would “drive” his desk because he thought it was a boat. So, she would have to ask him to dock his boat so they could do the lesson… life of a teacher.
    Second, this week my classes had their first “writing” day. It is a day dedicated to getting ideas out on paper for their essay. They put on their headphones, I set a timer, and they write. Many of the students enjoy it because they get work done, but it relaxes them. Always good vibes in the room when the timer goes off.

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