That Time of Year

Back to School! School supply shopping, bulletin boards, laminating, meet-the-teacher. Even planning those beginning of the year lessons. Lots of smiles and hugs. Old and new faces.

Doesn’t that sound exciting? It is supposed to be…

And yet, here we are. Listening every day as people argue over how to deal with a virus that continues to make people sick and unnecessarily end lives. Listening as opinions are expressed passionately with little to no foundation, especially where schools are concerned.

I have had moments of excitement. My classroom looks inviting. Colorful dots on the floor and posters on the walls. Ready for students to enter one week from tomorrow.

I will be there to welcome them with a smile. Even though there will still be a knot in my stomach. I have had COVID and am fully vaccinated. My students are not yet eligible. Back to School feels like a test-one I do not want to fail.

7 thoughts on “That Time of Year

  1. Kelley, I’ve been thinking about you during these times. Our district begins with students tomorrow. Although I’m no longer in education, I feel you. I can empathize with the knot you feel in your stomach. I’ll never understand the divisiveness. What a strange world in which we live. I’m so glad the kids have you and I’ll be sending thoughts and prayers. 💛🙏🏻🤗

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  2. My Beloved Sandra (EdD) and I Had a combined total of 40+ years in classrooms (& -later) Administrative Offices, until I retired half a decade ago & she followed suit about 3 years ago (long before most folks had never heard the word “pandemic”). Needless to say you have our highest respect and deepest gratitude, and hope that those who resist making intelligent choices don’t turn the rest of society into a devastated Mayhem.

    Have a GREAT year!

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