Separately Together

Two people separated by
Doors, walls, a long hallway
One entered
The other remained
Not allowed to cross
This particular threshold
Leading to necessary discomfort
A small room where muscles
Are pinched and prodded
Where skin is broken
Then held together
Only one entered
The other remained
Both feeling discomfort
One physical
One emotional
Both holding tight
That is love
Connection that cannot
Be separated by
Doors, walls, or a long hallway

My husband, Gart, does not like for me to brag about him. Wednesday morning, he sat in not one but two different waiting rooms while I had a biopsy followed by a CT scan.

I knew no matter what happened, he would be there when I walked back out. Ready to listen and encourage. “Let’s not worry until we have something to worry about,” he would say.

That evening, I participated in my weekly poetry circle. This poem came from that time. Writing and listening with a group I have grown to love and trust.

I am thankful to report the biopsy showed no cancer! I will follow-up with my doctor next week. And I know if I need him to, he will wait once again in another waiting room. ❤

Time After Time

9 thoughts on “Separately Together

  1. I love “love” poems that stress the realities of two lives intertwined – and the older I get the more I’m tuning in to accounts of emotional swirls surrounding medical knowns and unknowns.
    So glad you got a clear result from the biopsy!

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  2. I am so happy that you have this love between you. I am so glad to hear the test was negative. I am so grateful to have you as a poetry sister. This poem is a treasure. I especially like the ending.
    Connection that cannot
    Be separated by
    Doors, walls, or a long hallway

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