Good Company

Everything a chore
Getting dressed
Dishes, laundry
Talking, smiling
Each takes an
Effort beyond
The necessary
Every day is
Not this way
But today…
It is my reality
Trusting that
Giving voice
To the internal
Though difficult
Will bring relief
And if not for me
Possibly another
Not yet able to
Express their struggle-
Finding strength
In good company

This poem was an attempt to give words to a recent low period.
And though I am feeling better, I accept that it will not be my last. Such is this life. I share because it is so important to know we are not alone-even at our lowest. ❤

6 thoughts on “Good Company

  1. Well done… it’s not easy, but I’ve found that sharing your emotions, whether in a low, or a high state, it is therapeutically good for the soul, and can benefit both you and the reader….. It’s so, so important to know you are not the only with these feelings….. sharing and caring is the way to go… 😊

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      1. I started off originally writing about my life as a carer of wife with severe MS, and if my words were of comfort to just one carer out there, then I thought to myself… wow that feels good…..

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